Optimize factory environments, reduce energy costs and prevent equipment breakage.

Making factory smart will improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction by incorporating digital automation solutions into the production process, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.




When an issue occurs in factory facilities, the defect rate increases, customer satisfaction decreases, and the brand image is severely damaged.



Monnit Korea can provide 24/7 remote monitoring and collect data on, physical objects, environment and equipment in order to manage and extend the life of facilities, and improve overall productivity.



In addition, the safety can be enhanced due to precise management and predictions based on accurate data.


Conveyor belt motor monitoring.



The abnormalities in motor vibration of conveyor belt can lead to the breakage and full stop of production line. This will bring loses to the manufacturer as production can be stopped for the repair period.

Vibration sensors are installed to monitor motor operation conditions, compare data and receive notifications when abnormal vibrations are detected to perform motor inspections and reduce defect rates.


Electricity supply equipment.


3 phase

AC current Meter

It is a facility that supplies electricity to an automated robot machine.

If the current is out of range, an issue occurs in the electricity supply. This can lead to a high cost damages, which can cause by production and defective products and equipment repair.

The three-phase sensor detects changes in the amount of current and prevents secondary damage with immediate notification when changes in current occurs.

Feed processing equipment.


Advanced vibration

It is a feed processing facility for aquatic products in fish farms.

Equipment is very old and frequently causes overheating or high vibrations.

Whenever these issues arise, the manager has to open the facility and scoop out the feed from the inside, resulting in low work productivity.

Advanced vibration sensor which measures temperature and vibration can prevent accidents such as fire, breakages and contribute to extension of equipment life.


Liquid carbon dioxide transfer pipe.


Advanced vibration

This is the pipe through which liquefied carbon dioxide is transferred to the trailer.

Administrators must frequently check and prevent vaporization of liquids to gases via analog thermometers.

By setting alerts with advanced vibration sensors, it is possible to remotely predict the carbon dioxide status in pipes, improving productivity and efficiency.


Food·Pharmaceutical Test Tube.




During the process of food or pharmaceutical processing, temperature and humidity can have devastating effects.

As a factor that directly affects the human body, more than anything else, accurate and precise experiments are required to be conducted under the right temperature.

Temperature and humidity sensors allow you to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity inside the test tube and respond before problems arise.

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