Optimize building resource usage, prevent disasters and gain a full picture of building data.

Buildings may vary from large to small but all buildings have in common is various facilities such as HVAC, fire fighting system, boiler, machine room and electrical room.


If issues arise in these facilities, accidents that threaten safety and inconvenience may occur, such as power failure, non-supply of hot water, and fire.

In addition, personnel outside the building's disaster prevention room cannot immediately recognize the accident, which often leads to secondary accidents.


Monnit Korea provides a solution that brings convenience and efficiency to users by incorporating IoT sensors into existing facility systems.

The facility manager does not have to look at the screen at disaster prevention room all the time. When an abnormality occurs people in charge receive immediate notifications to their mobile. Therefore it is possible to respond to emergencies faster and prevent the first and secondary accidents.


It is also possible to increase productivity by reducing the number of periodic inspections and efficient management of labor and energy.


In addition, the safety can be enhanced due to precise management and predictions based on accurate data.


Air conditioning equipment filters.


Differential Air Pressure

Cleaning or replacing the air filter at the right moment will keep your heating and air conditioning system running at its peak efficiency while extending the life of your unit. Waiting too long allows the air filter to become clogged, potentially leading to even more serious and costly problems down the road.

By installing Differential Air Pressure Sensor the filter condition can be remotely monitored in order to extend the life of the equipment and maintain tenants comfort.


Fire detection system.




In more than 90% of cases the reaction to fire or malfunction is slow due to muted alarm system. If the facility manager is outside of the building it is not possible to know about the fire immediately.

Using the VDC detection sensor, it is possible to know the exact time and location of the fire caused by the voltage difference, allowing immediate response.


Machine room and electrical room.


DC Voltage



Most of the facilities required for building operation are concentrated in the machine room and electrical room. There is a difficulty in checking each facility manually and detecting the problems.

Electricity sensors, temperature sensors, etc. provide immediate awareness of problems and enable actions to be executed immediately.


Water collection well inside the machine room.




There are several water wells that manage toilet waste.

Sump overflow accidents can cause serious odors, flooding or contamination of underground parking lots.

By installing a water detection sensor, it is possible to check the water level of the sump and prevent accidents before overflow occurs.


Machine room water tank.




It is difficult to manage low and high water levels inside water tanks of the buildings because sensors floating on the water surface easily malfunction or fail.

The water detection sensor detects water leakage around the water tank, and the ultrasonic sensor remotely checks the low and high water levels and prevents accidents before overflow occurs.

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